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Thailand SurrogacyIt is estimated that 1 in every 10 couples throughout the world will struggle with fertility problems. About half of the cases are openly attributable to the female and can involve a number of probable reasons including hormonal, physical, and psychological factors. Similarly, in the other half of cases, infertility can be caused by the male partner. In the remaining few cases, infertility is usually caused by a mix of female and male insufficiency issues. Additionally, in some cases, it is just merely unexplainable.

Therefore, Thailand Surrogacy knows how important it is for anyone interested in fertility treatment to understand all the treatment options available today. There are so many things to learn in this field of medicine. That is why we went to great efforts to try and make the understanding a little easier for our patients. We have put together a beautiful list of slides in our “Fertility Atlas” that clearly and easily illustrates the various treatment options and how they are carried out. We have also gathered a few very informative videos on fertility treatment in our “Fertility Videos” section of our website. So whether you enjoy looking at pictures or just sitting back watching videos, we hope we have something that will appease you.

We also get many questions regarding the surrogacy laws in Thailand. Surrogacy laws in Thailand has been a gray area of Thai law for the past several years. Nevertheless, the Thai government has drafted a new bill that will attempt to clarify surrogacy and set forth safe parameters that will protect both the surrogate mother and the intended parents. In this part of our website, we have researched extensively the new proposed law and done our our best to try and explain what it means to intened parents wanting to do surrogacy in Thailand. We are not attorneys, but we have met with many legal experts on this matter and hope that our knowledge and experience can help our patients. You can check out the Surrogacy Laws here.

Our website was designed to expressly deal with infertility and the difficulties associated with getting pregnant or being able to carry a baby. From our personal experience about the physical and emotional challenges of infertility, we spent a great deal of time and effort to think of how we can make it easier for other childless couples. Most individuals do not realize or appreciate that failing to conceive can be a life crisis that requires both emotional and medical support. We hope that the information we presented on our website offers valuable information that will help others make informed decisions in seeking pregnancy. The many new treatments and their technologies are making fertility possible for many individuals who might otherwise never have conceived. Thailand Surrogacy knows that one of the greatest fears expressed by our patients is the fact that they may never be able to have children. We explain to them that science has made tremendous advances in offering solutions in fertility treatment and thus increases the chances of successful conception. 

We hope you enjoy this part of our website and welcome any feedback you may have. Feel free to contact us at any time.

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