What is Ethical Surrogacy, and How Can Thailand Surrogacy Help You?

Thailand Surrogacy is an American owned company with its management offices in Los Angeles, California and its fertility centers in Bangkok, Thailand. We provide gestational surrogacy, egg donation, gender selection, IVF, and other fertility treatment services in Thailand. By accessing our carefully screened network of fertility centers located in Thailand, we are able to offer our patients substantial savings when compared to western countries. We communicate daily with our staff in Thailand and treat each of our patients as if they were our only patient. We strongly believe that communication is the most important factor to ensuring that our patients achieve a successful outcome. We go out of our way to make our patients feel that we are with them on their journey. We answer e-mails immediately and are always available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to talk with our patients should they ever have questions or concerns. We feel that our “Humanistic” approach is what separates us from other companies.

Thailand Surrogacy only works with highly skilled fertility doctors that work out of internationally accredited fertility centers in Thailand. Our doctors have all been educated and trained in the U.S., Europe, or Australia. Many of them have acquired specialized training in fertility treatment and are renowned worldwide for their knowledge and skills in the field of fertility. The fertility centers we work with have some of the most advanced technology found anywhere in the world. All of the fertility hospitals we work with have an ethics committee that oversees the process from start to finish. The ethics committee is also responsible for ensuring the welfare of our surrogate mothers. Therefore, our patients can feel confident knowing their quest to expand their family through surrogacy in Thailand is done so ethically and morally.

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